Sunday, May 10, 2015

Bored... time to explore and edit

 Yes...Alvira is bored of the mundane life and being blamed for all the wrongs around her. She has decided to take a break from being nice and kind to others. Time to give time and attention to herself.
Now she has started to look at options to kindle her joy element. High time...lookie lookie inwards and towards herself to garner happiness for herself instead of looking outside.

Now Alvira is busy as usual but not finding faults with herself rather she whole heartedly rejected all that and all those who find fault with her. She is past the "pleasing all" phase of her life...believing forever. Her focus is to be able to do things for herself and remove the blots from her soul due to blames put on her. She is breaking free. 


Neha said...

These patterns are frequent when the one losing self worth . when the one wants to be acknowledged or appreciated by someone else, when the one wants to experience joy with THE partner ...

Monica Nagpal said...

Thinking beyond specifics helps sometimes,