Wednesday, May 20, 2015

From the healer's diary

Today I am so very thankful to one of my long distance clients while working with whom I realized to the fact that I was allowing a big chunk of my energy dissipating for a silly reason. Also thankful to the person who was the major sucker and appeared in the whole saga as the protector. On confronting the sucker showed the true colors. Thank God after a few hours of being startled I came back to sanity and for the first time in the current life chose not to let it continue. Very happy and energized to feel my complete energy once again. It's good to share but allowing somebody to use your things even knowledge (based on your own research) stealthily so is allowing abuse in a hidden form. Have allowed this forever. Not anymore.

Was wondering, it feels nice to think "oh my compassion was being misused" but is that all. Am I still so naive and moronic to let it happen. I think No! It's my need to keep company that I allow such suckers in my periphery. No more. Remembering the lesson taught by my father during my childhood, "Better alone than in Bad company."

Now when my material is ready to be shared and taught. The sucker (I am choosing to use this word as expression not to condemn the person but to keep reminding myself) is all set to play the victim and use my material. Now I say get out of my life. Just for this little weakness of mine and my silliness of sharing my personal issues with the sucker were making me weak. The 90% that I was giving was overshadowed by 10% that this sucker gave. Why? Only because the sucker was good at marketing and receiving. I am ready to accept my stupidity and let go of this past mistake. No more you sucker!!! Get lost, go away, far far away.

Who is this sucker? These suckers of energy/good luck come in our lives in different forms and shapes. Sometimes they are so close that they blind your vision. You doubt your own sensibility.
Keep your mind open, not just your eyes. You are giving away your good karma to these suckers. Stop paying the price for your goodness. Be good but please start with yourself without feeling guilty of it. You deserve to keep your good karma and enjoy the fruits of it.

Can't regret what is already given but now promise yourself not to be fooled again. Let go off the parasites. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Bored... time to explore and edit

 Yes...Alvira is bored of the mundane life and being blamed for all the wrongs around her. She has decided to take a break from being nice and kind to others. Time to give time and attention to herself.
Now she has started to look at options to kindle her joy element. High time...lookie lookie inwards and towards herself to garner happiness for herself instead of looking outside.

Now Alvira is busy as usual but not finding faults with herself rather she whole heartedly rejected all that and all those who find fault with her. She is past the "pleasing all" phase of her life...believing forever. Her focus is to be able to do things for herself and remove the blots from her soul due to blames put on her. She is breaking free.