Sunday, February 17, 2013

Being an Actor without drama

"The chemicals that are running in our body and our brain are the same chemicals that are involved in emotion. And that says to me that . . . we'd better pay more attention to emotions with respect to health." (Candice Pert)

Emotions are a means of communication more persuasive than mere words. How easy it is to be buoyed by the happiness of others, to be infected by their anger, to feel weighed down by the burden of their sadness. Spectators watching a movie live through the myriad emotions just while watching the movie. They are moved in different ways just during the duration of the movie.
People cry and laugh along with the scenes on the big screen or the small screen (which is no more small actually). Scientifically no emotions may be experienced if there are no corresponding chemicals in the body. Some people have the ability to use and some have the ability to suppress their emotions with the varying degree of control over their chemical composition. For a person to be happy, there has to be an adequate amount of happy hormone in the body. An excess of the same chemical can create hallucinations.

Just imagine what the actor or actually the actor's body  must be going through while emoting. When an actor is emoting...he's bringing in a certain chemical in the body. If the chemical is not produced he/she won't be able to bring that emotion alive on screen.

When we all are whistling and clapping about a humorous scene, the actors with their emotional projection are able to trigger the release of the happy hormones in us also. Thus, we also become happy.

On the flip side, similarly when there are action sequences, the actors need to bring in a lot of aggression. So to bring out that emotion they need to have the chemical release of adrenaline in their body. Due to this chemical they are able to bring it out on screen.
When adrenaline is released as in a natural process, a balancing hormone noradreline is also released which neutralizes the chemical or converts it into something harmless whereas otherwise it gets converted into cortisone which is a stress hormone. Having the stress hormone will make a person experience stressful conditions only. The old adage what is inside will reflect outside holds true always.

Hats off to the actors who have been so entertaining all these years. It's time that we share with them the art of managing their emotions (or managing their chemicals) in order to continue living a healthy life in terms of physical, mental and emotional health as well. This will also help them invite only happiness in their lives. Gossip columnists may not be very happy to hear this but that's how it is. I believe the chemicals in their body will also change and so will their real life despite living their usual reel life replete with  emotional see-saw.

But there is no longer any doubt that our basic emotions are hardwired into the human system.

A conscious release of chemicals such as epinephrine, cortisone etc. may harm the body and it may result in Heart muscle disruption, metabolic disorders, hormonal imbalance, acne, weight gain etc to name a few. The Good news is it is easily manageable now with World's Best miracle- ThetaHealing.

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